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1. 生存
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==== 1. 生存 ====
==== 1. 生存 ====
* 你至少需要一个全职治疗者和一个辅助治疗者。[[蕾菲雅]]配上[[连续吟唱]]或者[[Y'shtola]](国服版本,个人认为主奶[[蕾娜]]/[[罗莎]],副奶[[嘉妮特]]/[[罗莎]]/[[露露卡]]会比较好).
* 你至少需要一个全职治疗者和一个辅助治疗者。[[蕾菲雅]]配上[[连续吟唱]]或者[[Y'shtola]](国服版本,个人认为主奶[[蕾姆]]/[[罗莎]],副奶[[嘉妮特]]/[[罗莎]]/[[露露卡]]会比较好).
* Any form of refresh is recommended. If you farmed [[The Egg Seekers]] you might have a [[Vestment of Mind]] ready.
* Any form of refresh is recommended. If you farmed [[The Egg Seekers]] you might have a [[Vestment of Mind]] ready.
* 卡夫拉会使用多次的普通攻击,所以带上可以进行嘲讽的坦克[[塞西尔]] 或者 [[冰雪]]可以给队伍减轻大量伤害(国服版本,个人认为应使用[[维鲁赫鲁姆]]/[[光之战士]]/[[王土之维利亚斯]]/[[诺克提斯]])
* 卡夫拉会使用多次的普通攻击,所以带上可以进行嘲讽的坦克[[塞西尔]] 或者 [[冰雪]]可以给队伍减轻大量伤害(国服版本,个人认为应使用[[维鲁赫鲁姆]]/[[光之战士]]/[[王土之维利亚斯]]/[[诺克提斯]])

2019年10月30日 (三) 10:40的版本


  • 来自: FFVI
  • 类型: 剧情活动
  • 参见: 官方公告
  • 活动时间:

iOS:2019/10/30(三)更新后 - 11/13(三)23:59
安卓:2019/10/30(三)更新后 - 11/13(三)23:59


体力 战斗数 金币 兵员经验 等级经验 过关报酬
15 1 1117 10000 365 4 Rarity-4.png 信赖度莫古利
Complete the quest 4 Rarity-4.png 信赖度莫古利
Use an item Icon-Fish (Item).png10,000
Defeat Kefka with a limit burst Ability 99.pngLight Resistance +15%
Evoke Carbuncle and Diabolos 大魔导士法袍


凯夫卡 编号:471
名称 凯夫卡




等级 99
生命值 700,000
法力值 6,000
攻击 400
防御 5,000
魔力 350
精神 5,000
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
+200% +200% +200% +200% +200% +200% +200% +200%
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
无效 +90% 无效 无效 无效 无效 无效 无效
90% resistance to MAG break.



  • 普通攻击7次


  • 80% 生命值: 发脾气!: 对所有敌人造成大量物理伤害
  • 60% 生命值: Its magic power is raging!: 对所有敌人造成大量魔法伤害
  • 40% 生命值:
    • 第一回合: 发脾气!
    • 第二回合: Its magic power is raging!


  • 第9回合, 在释放了8种元素抗性debuff后(不算本回合):
    • Its magic power is raging!: 对所有敌人造成大量魔法伤害
    • Kefka's eyes are bloodshot!: 释放者获得精神-98%的debuff
  • 第18回合,在第二轮释放了8种元素抗性debuff后(不算本回合):
    • 发脾气!: 对所有敌人造成大量物理伤害
    • Kefka looks sleepy!: 释放者获得精神-98%的debuff
  • 简化版: 8回合元素debuff > 1回合魔法伤害 > 8回合元素debuff > 1回合物理伤害
  • 每3回合 (30% 概率): Blindga
  • 每4回合: Osmose
  • 每4回合 (20% 概率): Bioga
  • 每8回合: Puppeteer's Wheel: 对一名敌人造成魅惑


  • Kefka is skipping!: 移除自身所受到的一切状态改变效果
  • Kefka is laughing wildly! 将会在每回合依次造成如下效果:
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 火抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Blizzaga / Blizzaga Fake
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 冰抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Firaga
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 雷抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Waterga Fake
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 水抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Thundaga / Thundaga Fake
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 风抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Stonga / Stonga Fake
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 土抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Aeroga / Aeroga Fake
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 暗抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Banishga / Banishga Fake
    • 施放者获得 -6000% 光抗的debuff, 接着:
      • Graviga



1. 生存

  • 你至少需要一个全职治疗者和一个辅助治疗者。蕾菲雅配上连续吟唱或者Y'shtola(国服版本,个人认为主奶蕾姆/罗莎,副奶嘉妮特/罗莎/露露卡会比较好).
  • Any form of refresh is recommended. If you farmed The Egg Seekers you might have a Vestment of Mind ready.
  • 卡夫拉会使用多次的普通攻击,所以带上可以进行嘲讽的坦克塞西尔 或者 冰雪可以给队伍减轻大量伤害(国服版本,个人认为应使用维鲁赫鲁姆/光之战士/王土之维利亚斯/诺克提斯)
  • Since his elemental switching is random, use resistance ability which covers everything, like Marie's Love You All or Cloud of Darkness's Omni-Veil.
  • 如果你在使用 玛丽, 建议给她带上Carbuncle 或者 Healing Staff 以获得治疗类技能Cura.
  • Graviga has been changed to be non-elemental, which mean Kefka won't do any dark damage besides Bioga.
  • 带上法力回复角色比如星虹技师里德,或者带上大量以太类药品。
  • "Puppeteer's Wheel" 将会对单体造成魅惑效果。类似于时停,魅惑将会使得被影响角色无法做出任何行动并持续一些回合。星虹技师里德吐槽锤可以解除魅惑。如果没有里德的话,你可以将被影响单位击杀后复活,或者等待自然恢复。
  • "Kefka is skipping!" 不会移除失明效果。
  • 诺克提斯 could be considered for his 生命值/法力值 Recovery with Cover as well as Comeback just in case your main healer is KO'd by one of Kefka's non-elemental super attacks.

2. Killing

  • The easiest way to kill Kefka is to exploit the matching elemental debuff against him. Equipping an elemental weapon (if the ability is element-less), and waiting it out for the specific elemental debuff to appear, and then one turn kill him with powerful abilities. It'll deal 59x damage because of the debuff.
  • A single powerful unit (900+ ATK) will deal a devastating damage in one turn, but will not kill him outright. You will need another unit to help with the damage.
  • If you have Setzer you can kill him easily with fixed damage from Double Dice. Equip him with any elemental weapon, without regard to ATK. Double Dice damage are random and you have 40% chance to hit 55555 or 77777. Multiplied by 59, that's an instant KO. If you didn't hit the 55555 or 77777, close the game and turn it on again, you are back at the beginning of the round, and use the other Dice attack. It will give another value.
    • Even 5555 becomes an instant KO if you Dual Wield with Poach if single-elemental; dual-elemental 5555 with Man-Eater from two sources and two Poach also works
  • If you are dual wielding, make sure to use only one element, otherwise the weakness is halved.
    • Setzer is an exce积分ion, he can use two different elements while dual wielding to cover more elements.
  • If you are trying to kill/overkill Kefka with 极限技, that 极限技 will have to deal damage. Any 极限技 damage after it's dead will count even if it's not technically the killing hit. It's recommended that the Esper gauge generator below are the one doing the 极限技 mission by having a non-elemental weapon and non-elemental 极限技 damage. Do not use elemental 极限技 unless it's a matching element with your finishing strike.
  • Using Void Vessel while he's debuffed with dark will deal 118k damage each. You can hold a maximum of 5 Void Vessels.
    • Void Vessel damage can be increased with magic killer effects. If you are using Cloud of Darkness, it'll deal 75% more damage, 206.5k. Similarly, Exdeath and Kefka has magic killer against humans, though in lesser value.

3. Evoking

  • Double evocation is the hardest part of the battle.
  • Fully resisted attack will not drop any Esper orbs, so if you are using units to kill him with elemental attack, they will have to take a backseat for most of the fight.
  • Use one or two dedicated unit to generate Esper gauge. It's important that the unit will have to equip a non-elemental weapon. Give them immunity to blindness.
  • There are several ways to farm Esper orbs in this fight:
    • Counter: Snow is the best unit for this. Kefka uses a lot of normal attacks, giving you more chance to counter. Cecil with Black Belt can also be used, and he covers side healing​ as well.
    • Two-Hit Combo and/or Dual Wield: A combination of both will produce 4 normal attacks.
    • Garnet or Rydia 极限技: Since they are currently max 55星 as of writing, you will have to equip them with a lot of defensive gears. O积分ionally you can add an entruster like Ling or Bartz.
    • Chains: Chains increases chance to drop 极限技/Esper orbs. Use two Dual Wield Setzers with Prismatic Flash to rapidly accumulate 极限技 and Esper gauge with considerably cheap 17 法力值 cost. Other chainers combination (ie Chizuru's Phantom Shadow) should work but exhaust more 法力值.